After a month long hiatus, I’m back and in coming days we are planning to focus on data visualization. To warm up, let’s quick-check OS distribution in mobile devices over the years.

Mobile OS over the years : Static Plot

  • Uptill 2008, the market was super fragmented with Nokia’s myriad of non-Smart OSs, Palm, Symbian, Blackberry etc flooding the scene. Then Android happened.
  • Symbian, a very capable OS died a quick death in 2011 mainly due to developers not supporting the OS and Nokia failing to realise that mobile had transformed from hardware driven to software/app driven industry.
  • Windows powered by the juggernaut Microsoft tried to survive the aggression of Android by continously changing its stance but ultimately non-interest by development community and growing distrust towards Microsoft led to the fall of Windows on October’2017
  • Now at the end of 2017, 96% of devices released is Android with Apple differentiating themeselves by the well-protected iOS and the consumers are left with two choices to choose from.

Mobile OS over the years : Interactive Plot