For last couple off years, I have been using Tableau extensively for professional purposes. I found Tableau to be extremely user friendly with very lenient learning curve although automations and integration with R and Python leaves much to be desired. The good thing is that there is a public version of Tableau available for free.

For my first public dashboard, I have chosen to visualize data price per gigabyte of internet across 200+ countries. The data has been sourced from the excellent report by

Key dashboard features include -

  • Ranking of countries based on average price per gigabytes of data
  • Last three years trend of price
  • Cheapest and priciest package price for 1 gigabytes of data

You can check out the dashboard below (Switch to full screen for better view) -

Some tips on challenges I faced doing this -

  • Finding flags with proper naming to match with Tableau has been a chore. Search for iso2 (2-lettered) country codes
  • To easily map flags with shapes, alphabetically order the flags and delete the flags whose info is not in the dataset
  • To align the flags like a tabular column, create a calculated field with same value and manipulate x-axis until you find the sweet spot

That’s it for now folks. Hopefully, I will be coming back with some Tableau contents soon.