4G has been launched in Bangladesh on 19-Feb’2018 by four operators - Grameenphone, Robi, Banglalink and state-owned Teletalk . Though everyone is raving about higher speed(throughput), 4G is not about brute speed only. It is also about user experience.

So, lets check how the experience fares. The test has been performed at 6:30 PM at the busy business district of Gulshan while moving through a car.

Test Results

Video Experience


  • No Buffer at 1080p!!! Yes, absolutely no sign of that annoying loading sign we are used to even when playing youtube at 1080p
  • Max speed = 39 Mbps while moving. So, speed side is covered as well
  • Low latency!!! Finally, a hurrah to our online gaming community. No more being dominated by low latency users. We will definitely miss those moments trying to figure out how my player got killed in CS:GO.

So, YES! 4G is real and world class in Bangladesh.

To-dos for you

Unlike 3G, you will not get 4G by default. It needs you to meet two conditions:

  1. Get a 4G/LTE supported handset. Most smartphones of last 2-3 years support this.
  2. Change your SIM to a 4G-enabled one. It takes 3-5 minutes max.


As 4G in Bangladesh is still in its early stage, the operators are currently rolling out sites and increasing coverage, be sure to knock your operator’s customer care to check out whether your area is under 4G coverage or not.

In the mean time, the lucky ones who already got 4G, keep flying on the net and keep a check your usage. Honestly, I lost 1.5 GB+ data in around 2 Hours of Youtube streaming.